How Solar Screens Energy-Efficient In Houston, Texas

How Solar Screens Energy-Efficient In Houston, Texas

Solar screens are the most effective window treatments that can be applied to your home. They are excellent for reducing energy bills by stopping heat transfer through your doors and windows while maintaining your view. Window films, interior products, and awnings cannot compete with the solar shade screens’ energy efficiency. The best product to install is 90 percent shade factor solar screens that are and greatly pet-resistant PVC-coated polyester material. Which color of the solar screen should you choose? Darker colors are more effective and also have the best view. However, there are a lot of different colors, and you must choose the color with which you will be most happy. Always remember that the darker the color, the better the view will be.

What windows or doors in my house should you make? Many companies will tell you for maximum energy efficiency, and solar screens must protect all doors and windows. This is a somewhat misleading statement. The recommended order of importance should be the following. (1) Cover all windows facing east and west, (2) Cover all the south windows. (3) It is not recommended to cover the north windows as the amortization on the solar screen windows of the north is a very long time. There are exceptions, such as if your windows facing north are receiving a high reflective glare off of other structures or buildings.

Solar screens are easily installed outside of almost all windows. Don’t ever use frames of existing insect screens. The solar screen mesh is greatly heavier than the insect screen, and the insect screen frame is not suitable to hold the heavier materials. Most companies will use 3/4′′ frame or less because it makes their product cheaper, and they think they are more competitive. In reality, the use of these types of materials significantly reduces the life of the product and does not serve the customer well. Always insists on a 1′′ frame, and the best frame is an extruded aluminum frame instead of a roll-formed frame. Some problems with the insect screen frame are the material that eventually pulls out of the spline groove, frames bend and sag, when removing frames to clean the window, they may bend easily, holes drilled into these frames fatigue the metal and bend when they are removed. Extruded aluminum frames rarely break or bend. In fact, a car can run over them, and they usually do not crush where you can step on a roll-formed frame and smash it.

The biggest advantage is that solar screens work whether the windows are closed or open and can be removed in winter to let the sunshine in. It is recommended to let them in place during the winter because the fabric of the screen has the advantage of reducing the wind chill effect across the window surface, thus reducing heat loss. The heat always seeks a colder atmosphere. Additional benefits include curtain and drape fading, reduced carpet fading, and insect protection when the windows are open. Moreover, since solar screens should not come in contact with the glass, they help extend the life of the insulated glass on your windows by not letting the extreme heat build-up and cause the window seals to break.

3 Ways That Solar Screens Can Help Reduce Energy Costs

One thing that seems almost inevitable in the summer months is a sudden increase in your energy bill that residents begin to run their air conditioning units to try to keep their homes cool. Those who try to minimize the use of air conditioning to reduce costs and make their home more energy-efficient often have to withstand uncomfortable temperatures and hours spent directly in front of a fan. But it turns out that solar screens and patio shades can do much more than block the excess amounts of outside light. In fact, the installation of solar screens is one of the most recommended solutions to reduce energy costs, and it is all connected to the lowering of the temperature inside of your house.

1.   Solar Screens Are Very Efficient Insulators

Depending on the model, solar screens usually block about 80-95 percent of UV rays. The significantly reduced amount of rays reaching the interior of the house also leads to a decrease in the amount of heat. This not only ensures that the house is at a much more comfortable temperature if you decide to rely on fans for cooling, but those who prefer to use air conditioning do not have to run it at such high levels, saving energy in the process.

2.   Screens And Shades Allow for Airflow

The opening of the windows may seem another great idea to keep cool in the summer, save for the fact that it invites all kinds of insects and critters to your home. In addition, the traditional window screens do not have any kind of UV protection. Adding solar screens to your windows and patio shades to your outdoor patio area will let you enjoy the fresh outdoor air while benefiting from UV protection and insect protection that screens and shades provide. 

3.   Solar Screens Are More Affordable And Effective Than Popular Alternatives

Another common solution to insulate windows and reduce the heat gain of your house is the use of thick and insulating blackout curtains. Unfortunately, they come with a variety of downsides. They tend to be heavy and hard to install and require more maintenance to remain clean. Also, the technology used to create solar screens allows models with greater visibility so that more natural sunlight can filter in your home. On the contrary, insulating blackout curtains cut out natural light, requiring you to rely on artificial lighting and increase your energy costs.

If you are looking to reduce your energy expenses for your Houston home without having to sacrifice your comfort next summer, solar screens are an extremely convenient way to do so. You can enjoy all the natural benefits of summer, such as healthy exposure to sunlight and natural airflow, without having to worry about pests and excessive UV rays.

Solar Screen installation

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