Solar Screens

​Solar screens offer reliable and effective sunshades for your home or business property. If you are wanting to have a window screen at your property to help block out sunlight and to have improved heating and cooling abilities inside the property, you are going to want to consider having a solar screen. The team that you need to turn to for this kind of work is our team here at Houston Solar Screen Company. We have been doing this work for many years. Throughout that time, we have been able to provide reliable and long-lasting results that are going to be effective in all of the tasks that we are going to need to be completed.

Durable Material

The material that is used to construct solar screens is durable, and it will be able to last for about a decade. If you try to have the material for longer than a decade, it is still going to function, but the actual color of the solar screen is going to diminish. This means that the solar screen is not going to be as effective, and it is also not going to look as sleek. Our team is going to be able to help and ensure that the right kind of materials are used. This means that the lifespan is optimized.

Block UV Rays

The main purpose of solar screens is to block our strong and powerful UV rays. This is also going to make it easier to be in your household because you are not going to need to worry about the bright sun glares that can get into your home. Although sunrises and sunsets are beautiful to behold, they can cause a disturbance in our everyday life. Luckily though, solar screens exist, and you will be able to have the right kind of coverage that you have been hoping for once you hire our team for the job.

Heating and Cooling Optimized

Once you have solar screens installed, the heating and cooling systems in your property are going to be easier to manage. After all, without the sunlight coming through, there will no longer be a natural thermal effective that is so strong. This means that you are going to be able to regulate the temperature in your household better than you otherwise would have been able to. We will also ensure that the heating and cooling properties of the solar screens are optimal. You are not going to need to stress about the dependability of the materials for this kind of management.


The solar screens that are traditionally installed offer a blackout type of coverings. This means that the sun is not going to be able to penetrate the windows and impact the interior of your property. Also, the blackout shades are going to come in different percentages. Whether you want very strong solar screens which are darker, or whether you want lighter solar screens, you are going to be able to get what you have been hoping for once you hire our team for the job.



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