Things You Need To Know About Solar Screen Today

Solar screens utilize a special window screen mesh, often made from PVC coating, fiberglass, and polyester weave. One of the outstanding features of the solar screen is that it’s effective in deflecting the sun’s glare to minimize the heat that transfers through your glass window. If you’re having problems with high electricity bills and overworked air conditioners, a popular way to resolve this is through the use of solar screens.

Solar screens may contribute to your home’s interior and exterior as well as its functionality. However, if you aren’t sure if you would push through with its installation, here are the things that you need to know about the solar screen today.

How Do Solar Screens Work?

Solar screens are installed outside of the windows or at the entryway of a house. It’s made from a high-quality thick, and strong material that is able to withstand external factors such as high temperature, strong winds, insect scratches, and other environmental factors. Solar screens may not be able to block sunlight altogether, but it effectively prevents the harmful rays from the sun.

So, whether you’re windows are facing in the west or east, where the sun directly points for few hours in a day, you’ll not have a problem with high temperature through the use of solar screens.

Advantages of Solar Screens

The advantage of solar screens isn’t limited to blocking the harmful rays of the sun. If you’d install solar screens on your doors or windows, you can be sure that you’re investing in a home improvement that you’ll be able to have a return of investment. Here are some of the advantages of solar screens that aren’t always advertised:

  • UV Protection

There are other types of screens that give UV protection, but solar screens have a darker tint. One of the outstanding features of the solar screen is its sun control function that can deflate about 70% to 90% of the sun’s heat and glare which means that UV rays are effectively blocked.

If you live in an area where it’s hot in most months of the year, solar screens serve as double protection to prevent short-term effects that you may get from the harmful rays of the sun such as sunburn as well as long-term skin conditions.

  • Heat Insulation

Solar screens insulate the interiors of your home. It can effectively reduce solar heat by keeping hot temperatures outside.  As the solar screen blocks the sun’s heat and UV rays, it can also absorb heat that enters through the screen’s hole in the weave; that’s why it’s efficient to designate solar screens in exterior-facing. Aside from blocking the heat to reduce the temperature, it can also reduce the energy cost because the air conditioning system doesn’t need to work hard.

  • Protection from Insects

One of the uses of screens aims to prevent insects like bugs from entering the home. If you’re to invest in a solar screen installation to prevent pest infestation at home, it’s best to choose the one that has smaller holes, so it can effectively keep out even the small ones out.

  • Fresher Air

Choose a solar screen from a certified provider to ensure that it can provide good air quality. The screen’s material should meet high standards that have low Volatile Organic Compound emissions. The screen helps filter out the air without the use of chemicals.

  • Works with Different Installation Options

The installation of the solar screen is suitable for places where it’s warm all year round. The different kinds of screens can be installed in a variety of options like fixed or retractable depending on what best suits the type of window you have. There are also types of solar screen wherein you can uninstall it when it’s winter to conserve heat indoors.

  • Economical

The solar screen’s price can come cheaper depending on the contractors who will install it as well as the brand you’ll use. In choosing a solar screen, make sure that the quality is worth it for the price. There are some screens that are cheap but don’t have good quality.

Disadvantages of Solar Screens

Solar screens may have a lot of advantages, but it also has disadvantages that are worth considering, so you can decide well whether or not you’ll invest on it. Here are some of the downsides of having a solar screen.

  • Darker Interior

If you prefer having bright sunlight at home every day, the installation of a solar screen may not be suitable for you because solar screens have a darker tint. Since it has a darker shade, you may need to spend more on your lighting fixtures. Since it gives a darker interior, it may affect the aesthetics of your home.

  • Obstructed View

The view with glass is better compared to the one that has screens. If you have a window that has a screen, it may look as if there’s a barrier that may alter the view if you’re inside.

Where to Use Solar Screens in Your Home

Solar screens are usually used in windows or doors, but it can be applied in various ways. No matter where you place it, its functionality is maximized when it’s installed properly. Here are some of the places where solar screens can be installed.

  • Under the roof fenestration. This can be for sliding garage doors or under trusses. Since it’s found on the entryways, it offers privacy.
  • Screened-In Patio. For the most part, a screened-in patio is where insects can reach you most easily, especially if you stay there for long periods. A solar screen can be one of the best options to keep them out and also filter the air within the small space.
  • Pool Enclosure. Solar screens on pool enclosures make swimming activities safer, especially for kids. It adds a layer of protection against harmful UV rays that cause severe sunburns and long-term sun damage on the skin.

Final Thoughts

The installation of solar screens is becoming more popular nowadays because of its advantages. There’s a notion that any kind of screen can do the work of UV protection and heat insulation, but not all have the ability to perform these. If you’re after the benefits that you can gain from solar screens, make sure to deal with reputable companies that will give you legitimate screen services to ensure that its use is worth it.

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